Monday, November 24, 2008

New FREEBIE and TWO new products!

I am trying out the designer challenges at Brownie Scraps for the next 8 weeks and my entry for week 1 is up and available in their store for FREE for a limited time only. You can download my entry all the way from now until friday night when my next entry will be coming up. I am having so much fun with these challenges and I'm loving what I am working on for my next entry.

Here is the entry for week 1:
Funky Caterpillar

The Funky Caterpillar Mini is available here for a limited time only. Afterwards it will be available for purchase at both K Joi Studios and DigiScrapStation. It includes:
5 Papers
2 Stitched Felt Frames
2 Caterpillar Doodles
2 Leaf Doodles
1 Leaf Border
1 Staple
1 Wrapped Ribbon
1 Flower

I also am currently uploading my latest element packs. The first Glittered Snow Doodles is for commercial and personal use available for only $2.50!!! Check out this great deal while you can get it. It is available at both K Joi Studios and DigiScrapStation.

Glittered Snow Doodles includes 13 glittered snowflake doodles in silver. All are larger than they appear in the preview for easy re-sizing and coloring. You can take this beautiful, sparkly doodles and use them in any wintery kit or to add that finishing touch to your favorite layout!

Next is Doodling with Crayons 2. If you liked my first Doodling with Crayons pack then you'll love this one! It is currently for Personal Use only, however, if you would like to use it for Commercial Use please contact me and we can likely work something out.

Doodling with Crayons 2: Nature Edition includes:
3 Raindrops
2 Stars
1 Lightning Bolt
4 Clouds
2 Vines with Leaves
1 Pine Branch
1 Branch with Leaves
4 Leaves
2 Flowers
1 Moon

Doodles are shown at 50%. I hope you enjoy all of these new products and look for more very soon, including a gorgeous Collab kit with another designer.

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