Sunday, November 30, 2008

My Latest FREEBIE!

Currently my stores at both K Joi Studios and DigiScrapStation are on sale for 50% off, today is the last day for this so go check it out!

Also my next freebie is up for the Brownie Scraps Designer Challenge - Week 2. Our theme was childhood and we were able to choose our own colors. I came up with this Toothfairy Mini. I also am finishing up a full kit to go along with the Toothfairy Mini Kit so if you love it check back at my blog next week and perhaps I will have the new kit ready.

Here is a preview of the mini:

You can download this here. It contains:
6 Papers (2 Solid and 4 Patterned)
3 Doodled Tooth Transparencies
1 Flower
1 Metal Frame
1 Glittered Alpha (lowercase only)
2 Wordart Transparencies
1 Metal Coin
1 Toothfairy Doodled Transparency
1 Glittered Fairydust Border
2 Glittered Fairydust Swirls

*Special Thanks to Atomic Cupcake!

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Some layouts with Winter Playground

My Fabulous CT member Donna jumped on the ball last night and produced three beautiful layouts using my new Collab kit with Stacey Crossley, Winter Playground (available at DigiScrapStation and K Joi Studios).

Before I post those though, for those looking on how to snag my Funky Caterpillar freebie go here.

Here are Donna's gorgeous layouts. Thanks again Donna for getting to it right away for me!!!

If you love this Collab but aren't able to pay the full price for it, it is currently on sale for 35% off and will be on sale Black Friday weekend for 50% off. There is also a contest to win the collab going on at DigiShopTalk in the Happy Place. All you have to do is post your favorite winter memory. Good luck!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Winter Playground Collaboration!

Stacey Crossley Designs and I have created an amazing Winter Playground kit for you!

It is available for 35% off until the end of November with a special sale coming for Black Friday weekend at both K Joi Studios and DigiScrapStation.

It is perfect for any winter layout that you may come up with and since there are so many elements and papers this kit can be used for tons of unique layouts!

Our Winter Playground Collaboration includes:
24 Papers
1 Doodled Alpha (capitals and numbers)
5 Glittered Swirls
1 Ribbon Wrap (in three colors)
1 Straight Ribbon (in six colors)
1 Tied Bow
1 Folded Ribbon
1 Curled Ribbon
3 Unique Buttons
3 Unique Tags
3 Charms
1 Etched Glass Frame
3 Stickers
3 Unique Paperclips
1 Journaling Box
2 Felt Snowmen
2 Felt Wordarts
3 Doodles People
2 Doodled Snowflakes with Glitter
2 Doodled Snowflakes without Glitter
3 Doodled Trees
2 Doodled Wordart Signs
1 Blank Doodled Sign
3 Doodled Sleds
2 Doodled Snow Borders
5 Doodled Snowballs and Splats
3 Doodled Snowmen
1 Doodled Wreath Frame

As you can see this kit is simply jam-packed with fabulous elements and truly a must have for all of your winter adventures. Come check out our Winter Playground so you can scrap yours.

Some layouts from my awesome CT members

Here is a super sweet layout from Naomi using the A Day Just for Dad Page Kit

Another layout with the A Day Just for Dad, this beautiful layout was created by MC.

This gorgeous layout was created by Donna using my Flying Fantasies Page Kit and some additional alphas and fonts.

MC created this beautiful and fun layout using my Welcome to the Zoo page kit.

Jordan created this amazingly adorable layout using my Glitter Sticker Alpha and Copper Works Page Kit. This is definitely one of MY favorite kits and Jordan did a great job showing it off!

Donna created this awesome layout using the Copper Works Page Kit and an additional Alpha. I just love what she did with it.

Naomi created this gorgeous and sweet layout using Framing the Focus, Doodling the Rainbow Papers, and my Blooming Doodles Alpha. I love the way she put it all together, it's just perfect!
Later today I will have new preview of my brand spanking new Collaboration with Stacey Crossley Designs. We've been working hard on it for a few weeks now and the end result is just AMAZING! I am so excited to introduce it and see what people can do with it!

Monday, November 24, 2008

New FREEBIE and TWO new products!

I am trying out the designer challenges at Brownie Scraps for the next 8 weeks and my entry for week 1 is up and available in their store for FREE for a limited time only. You can download my entry all the way from now until friday night when my next entry will be coming up. I am having so much fun with these challenges and I'm loving what I am working on for my next entry.

Here is the entry for week 1:
Funky Caterpillar

The Funky Caterpillar Mini is available here for a limited time only. Afterwards it will be available for purchase at both K Joi Studios and DigiScrapStation. It includes:
5 Papers
2 Stitched Felt Frames
2 Caterpillar Doodles
2 Leaf Doodles
1 Leaf Border
1 Staple
1 Wrapped Ribbon
1 Flower

I also am currently uploading my latest element packs. The first Glittered Snow Doodles is for commercial and personal use available for only $2.50!!! Check out this great deal while you can get it. It is available at both K Joi Studios and DigiScrapStation.

Glittered Snow Doodles includes 13 glittered snowflake doodles in silver. All are larger than they appear in the preview for easy re-sizing and coloring. You can take this beautiful, sparkly doodles and use them in any wintery kit or to add that finishing touch to your favorite layout!

Next is Doodling with Crayons 2. If you liked my first Doodling with Crayons pack then you'll love this one! It is currently for Personal Use only, however, if you would like to use it for Commercial Use please contact me and we can likely work something out.

Doodling with Crayons 2: Nature Edition includes:
3 Raindrops
2 Stars
1 Lightning Bolt
4 Clouds
2 Vines with Leaves
1 Pine Branch
1 Branch with Leaves
4 Leaves
2 Flowers
1 Moon

Doodles are shown at 50%. I hope you enjoy all of these new products and look for more very soon, including a gorgeous Collab kit with another designer.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

New Kit Nature Boy!

I know it has been forever since I have posted anything. Life just gets awfully busy sometimes and morning sickness got me down for a bit. However, I am back and better than ever I think. I just finished what is officially my favorite kit I have ever created. It is available at K Joi Studios and Digiscrapstation and I hope you enjoy it!

Tomorrow I plan on posting some amazing layouts done by a variety of people using my Copper Works kit. As always if you create a layout using anything of mine please let me know! I would love to see it and I often give coupons or discounts to people that show me their layouts.