Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Loads of Learning and a Beach Cantina!

Wow, I have really neglected my blog this month haven't I? It has been a CRAZY month! I have some great treats for you and tons of new items to talk about but first a safety message about TVs (especially older non-LCD models)

A few weeks ago my family and I were sitting and chatting in our livingroom when all of a sudden our 10-year-old Zenith television, which was turned OFF, flashed a bright light, made an ear-piercing sound, and started pouring smoke out into the room. That's right it appears that our TV blew up. Thankfully we were home. Moral of the story? If you have an older television you may want to unplug it when you are not home. Now I know there *should* be pictures to accompany this, but I was in so much shock I didn't think to grab the camera until later.

Add to that vacation in Montreal to visit family and the start of school for me and my preschooler it has been a busy month! I'm getting back into the groove though and you can expect a lot of fun things very soon. Tomorrow look for my September CU Grab Bag Reveal and if you haven't signed up for my newsletter, don't miss out because there will be a special something in there and it goes out tomorrow evening!

Now onto what you are really here for!

Loads of Learning Blog

That's right you are on the right track to grabs TONS of amazing goodies from the designers at Scrapable and Pretty Scrappy. Below is a preview of what you will get from me. Click the image to grab it and see the details of my latest collab!

Here is a peek at Beach Cantina a Designer Duo with Sweet Tomato Designs!!! Grab it now while it is 25% off until September 8th! Don't miss this great deal, it truly is an amazing kit!

Check out some layouts from our awesome CT members!

Naomi - GirlyWarrior

Jen - babybearjen


Jenn - Catgoddess

Tish - Tinkermama05


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Thank you for the freebie!

clubiani said...

very cute! thanks for sharing!