Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lots of FREEBIES from me!

Hi Everyone,

I have entered a ridiculous amount of competitions and hopefully I am not overextending myself too much.

I am still working on the Brownie Scraps Challenges (what an amazing group of women at that site! Check it out if you haven't yet.)

I realized that I forgot to put a post about my mini for this past week. You have only today left to download it and then tomorrow the new mini comes up. Don't worry though because if you absolutely love Memory of Me it will be available in stores soon for only $2!!!

Snag Memory or Me HERE for today (Sunday) only!

You can get Glitzy Gardens in THIS FORUM starting tomorrow (monday) until next sunday.

In addition I have entered the Inspiration Lane Desire 2 Inspire Contest. I'm just getting to know this site but the ladies here have been very welcoming and I love the format of the contest. It doesn't officially start until tomorrow, however many of us did a pre-contest mini to get an idea of what they are looking for at Inspiration Lane and to get some feedback on our designs.

Here is mine:

You can grab Complimentary Crescents HERE at Inspiration Lane along with the other minis in this thread.

That's a lot of freebies for one day right? But wait! There's more!

I also entered the ScrapMatters Design Star contest and could you believe over 100 other designers also entered this contest? I have no idea if I am good enough to even make it to the next round with so much competition, but I am extremely proud of my entry. I feel it is unique and really one of the best little minis I have created so far. Unfortunately I cannot direct you specifically to my entry because the first round of the contest is a blind round (at least until you download the entries and look at the TOU).

However, the good news is I CAN direct you to a gallery filled with amazingly GORGEOUS mini kits for this contest. Since we had the same color pallette you can mix and match these kits for an absolutely AMAZING mega collab kit from some very talented ladies. At last count there were almost 50 entries in already with at least 50 more to come. Each entry has 3 papers and 3 unique elements.

You must be registered and logged in at ScrapMatters to see the Design Star Round One Galary (login at the forum first as there seem to be some issues logging into the gallery only).

Without further ado HERE is the Design Star Round One entries! Mine is in there somewhere. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

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Jaya said...

Well well well, Tiff, you dont rest do you!!!! Anyways, good luck on both the challenges.